VanitySearch is a bitcoin address prefix finder. If you want to generate safe private keys, use the -s option to enter your passphrase which will be used for generating a base key as for BIP38 standard (VanitySearch.exe -s “My PassPhrase” 1MyPrefix). You can also use VanitySearch.exe -ps “My PassPhrase” which will add a crypto secure seed to your passphrase.
VanitySearch may not compute a good grid size for your GPU, so try different values using -g option in order to get the best performances. If you want to use GPUs and CPUs together, you may have best performances by keeping one CPU core for handling GPU(s)/CPU exchanges (use -t option to set the number of CPU threads).

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git clone




Download Windows version





lets test the tool on windows
C:\Tools>VanitySearch.exe -h

Program Run

Lets generate some vanity addresses with prefix
C:\Tools>VanitySearch.exe -stop -gpu 1FeexV6b

this will find first address and will stop after finding to find multiple addresses lets test next command

C:\Tools>VanitySearch.exe -gpu 1FeexV6

Split-Key Generation

Generate a vanity address for a third party using split-key
It is possible to generate a vanity address for a third party in a safe manner using split-key.
For instance, Alice wants a nice prefix but does not have CPU power. Bob has the requested CPU power but cannot know the private key of Alice, Alice has to use a split-key.
Step 1
Alice generates a key pair on her computer then send the generated public key and the wanted prefix to Bob. It can be done by email, nothing is secret. Nevertheless, Alice has to keep safely the private key and not expose it.
C:\Tools>VanitySearch.exe -s “1FeexSeed” -kp

Step 2
Bob runs VanitySearch using the Alice’s public key and the wanted prefix.
C:\Tools>VanitySearch.exe -sp 0281AECBCEFEA0AF8501A91E3C3752651115C9B25729E63F36F98088D9BEE83C8D -gpu -stop -o keyinfo.txt 1Feex

It generates a keyinfo.txt file containing the partial private key

PubAddress: 1Feexqo7wz4k63q57KEZmzNsSwvzrgCWMo
PartialPriv: KyJrHK2E3mHJcbaEVutpTfMAfckwooPRrfmNp3QkXJUTRZSgbDuj

Step 3
Alice can then reconstructs the final private key using her private key (the one generated in step 1) and the keyinfo.txt from Bob.
C:\Tools>VanitySearch.exe -rp KwigFLKxHCTdoirxksDY4fWiapHSAfQaghC2N2AaB9h15WnK9gdV keyinfo.txt

we can compute address using public key

C:\Tools>VanitySearch.exe -ca 03100611c54dfef604163b8358f7b7fac13ce478e02cb224ae16d45526b25d9d4d

we can compute public key and P2PKH/P2SH/BECH32 addresses from private key

C:\Tools>VanitySearch.exe -cp KwDiBf89QgGbjEhKnhXJuH7LrciVrZi3qZ6FxoaD5r1kYegmtbaT

Random Mode

We can define the base key randomly change distance

C:\Tools>VanitySearch.exe -r 1000000000 -t 1 -gpu 1FeexV6b


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