Kangaroo(Pollard’s kangaroo for SECPK1)

A Pollard’s kangaroo interval ECDLP solver for SECP256K1 (based on VanitySearch engine).
This program is limited to a 125bit interval search.
Fixed size arithmetic
Fast Modular Inversion (Delayed Right Shift 62 bits)
SecpK1 Fast modular multiplication (2 steps folding 512bits to 256bits reduction using 64 bits digits)
Multi-GPU support
CUDA optimisation via inline PTX assembly

Download Linux:


git clone https://github.com/CryptoXploit/Kangaroo.git




Download Windows:







Lets fire up the tool to available options

C:\Tools\Kangaroowindows>Kangaroo.exe -h


we need to provide an input file which consists of following data-

Start Range

End Range

public key 1

public key 2…….

remember that Kangaroo works only on public keys and the input file must have all values in hex format.the public key can be both compressed/uncompressed.

lets create an example text file called target.txt with puzzle #64 range and public key

C:\Tools\Kangaroowindows>notepad target.txt

Program Run

lets fire up the command to see its working

C:\Tools\Kangaroowindows>Kangaroo.exe -t 1 -gpu target.txt

we used -t CPU threads as 1 and GPU calculation.its multi GPU supported tool same like vanity.within 37 seconds it found the key

we can periodically save the work and can restore it later on

C:\Tools\Kangaroowindows>Kangaroo.exe -t 1 -gpu -ws -w progress.work -wi 15 target.txt

we have used CPU thread 1 and -GPU calculation along with -ws switch for maintaining configuration with DP overhead -w for saving periodic progress and -wi for input target file and periodic saving after each 15 seconds.

To resume later we can use

C:\Tools\Kangaroowindows>Kangaroo.exe -ws -w progress.work -wi 15 -i progress.work

we dont need to supply target.txt again and we can resume the existing job from worker file progress.work

Kangaroo is very efficient and can be used in server-client cracking distribution where a kangaroo server will act as distribution point and multiple nodes can act as workers which will get job from server and periodically the progress will be send to server.

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