Blockchain Parser

Blockchain Parser

This blockchain parser tool can parse entire blockchain block files data into plain readable hex value text files.


This tool works with python 3.7 and above  only. Remember to edit line 55 & 57(dirA & dirB)for bitcoin blockchain blocks folder & parsing result folder. You have to create dirB folder before running the tool or the tool will return an error and will crash. Usually on windows the path to bitcoin blockchain blocks folder is

C:\Users\<your windows username<\AppData\Roaming\Bitcoin\blocks

remember you must have bitcoin core client sync or blocks files download on your system to can download the entire blockchain sync blocks database here.each block file is of 127 MB and the resultant text file would be 157 MB and more so make sure you have plenty of space available as there are currently over 4207 blocks database.

Bitcoin Core Blockchain Database


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Download for Linux

git clone





Download for windows




Program Run


we can check the folder for created file which is dirB

lets check content of blk00000.txt

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