Pywallet is the bitcoin wallet.dat dump tool. You don’t need bitcoin core to check wallet.dat for associated addresses and private key in encrypted/plain WIF form. With pywallet we can dump wallet.dat in two ways-

1.if private key is known the tool can dump entire wallet with addresses and private keys in WIF formatted plain text file.

2.if private key is not known the tool can dump entire wallet with addresses and private keys in Mkey & Ckey format(Encrypted Master key and child key)

Download for Linux


git clone




Download for Wndows




Program Run:Mode-Without Password

C:\Python27>python –dumpwallet –datadir= > tempwallet.txt
WARNING:root:encrypted wallet, specify password to decrypt

we can see its asking for password so that can dump decrypted keys

this will create a text file named tempwallet.txt in same folder and upon checking the file we can see the tool dumped addresses with encrypted keys

Program Run:Mode-With Password

now to get dump of unencrypted WIF private keys and addresses we can supply password-

C:\Python27>python –dumpwallet –datadir= > tempwallet.txt –pass $ecret

we can see there is no warning about encryption now and upon opening the text file we can see addresses with plain WIF keys

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